Dear Zindagi…

I’ve never been this excited for a movie in the longest time

… Is a phrase that is not new to me. Or is a phrase that you’ll get to hear from me whenever the teaser/trailer/poster of a Shah Rukh Khan film is released.

It would be safe to say that the “three constant/special words” of my life aren’t the usual drill of “I”, “love” and “you”, but “Shah,” “Rukh” and “Khan.”

Ask me why and I might give out a never-ending list of reasons. But here, right now, all I can say is that the man gives me an unprecedented amount of happiness that just comes, like a breeze, and stays with me.

He takes me away from the monotony and somehow manages to bring colour even in a fading day.

And that is exactly how Dear Zindagi, his upcoming film, looks like, feels like. And yes, I’ve never been this excited for a movie in the longest time.

It’s like a breeze that takes you away from the mundane, that shows you a spot of sunshine in the midst of a dull, cloudy day.

The little that I know about the film, Shah Rukh plays Alia’s mentor. Her friend, philosopher and guide who helps her find the meaning of life — a role that he plays in my life (and probably several other lives) too, but unknowingly so.

Why I think Dear Zindagi would be special is because of several reasons.

A. It has Shah Rukh Khan. A reason that is enough for me to book my first day, first show tickets.

B. Alia Bhatt is in the leading role. It is her movie and it is all about her character. And the way the girl has evolved as an  actress since her debut in Student of the Year (check out Highway or even 2 States for that matter) makes me believe that the coming off age film would be no less than a pleasant treat.

C. Gauri Shinde is back after English Vinglish. A film that made me laugh and cry along with the lead character Shashi. A film that stood out because it was so real! Coming from someone whose directorial debut remains one of my all-time favourites, Dear Zindagi becomes one of my most-awaited films of the year.

D. Shah Rukh Khan (is back on the list!) plays a supporting character after so long. He ain’t the lead hero, nor is he going to be the focus of the film. But so what? He plays his age, adds his sensibilities to the plot and does what he does best — making lives better and happier. Literally!

E. The first look of the film and the teaser are enough to tell you that it’ll be a slice of life. It gives me those good ol’ happy vibes and makes me smile from ear to ear. The fact that it is so simple and drama-less adds to its charm and makes me all the more curious about the plotline. It just… makes me happy, you know?

November 25, come soon, will you?


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