To be a movie buff

It’s not easy being a movie buff.

Why do I say this?

Well, simply because there’s never a shortage of the number of films out there. But then, only a few movies end up striking a chord so strong to leave an everlasting impression.

Yes, I try and watch every movie I possibly can, keeping my budget and willingness to watch a film in mind ofcourse, but when I think of it, I could count the films that stayed with me after a certain amount of time.

To be a Bollywood buff is even more difficult. The choices are WAY too much. It’s almost like going to a multi-cuisine restaurant where you have no lack of what you call “variety”. Romance, action, musical, comedy, rom-com, drama, suspense, masala or a combination of them all. Name it and you have it.

But the point is, how many movies do you remember (barring the ones you remember only for the good songs), dil se?

I, on my part, have missed seeing a movie like that for the longest time now. Yes, I’ve enjoyed almost every movie-watching experience that I’ve had, but come to think of it, the last film that made me tear up to an extent that I found myself to be at a loss of words, was the poignant Stanley Ka Dabba. It was not, mind you, NOT just another kiddy flick. It had a message, a heart.

That was the kind of movie that shook me, that made me want to be a better version of help, to help those around me, even if that ‘help‘ is through a little smile of acknowledgment.

For those who have seen the movie would know how beautifully skilled Amole Gupte had been to show a child’s dilemma, that too in the simplest of manner. Who would have known that what started as the simple story of a talented school boy and his lunchbox could have an ending that would reflect what many children out there might be going through.

The film, in its first appearance, might come across as a light-hearted three-hour journey. But by the end of, you only realise that it’s not for the faint hearted. You need to be strong enough to face a truth that the real world outside the cinema hall carries.

Films like those have the ability to make people aware, to make them step out to the world through the director’s lenses. Films like these take us outside the self-made super-protective cocoons that most of us live in. They challenge our fairy-tales and give us the truth served in a format that we all love.

I’m not saying that fairy-tales shouldn’t exist. They definitely should, but films closer to everyday people gives the viewers the wings of understanding their surroundings in a subtlest way.

Being a film fan is not easy. You may end up liking the most bizarre movie ever, or you might as well hate a movie loved universally. Yet, being a film fan makes you happy, because out of millions of films out there, you have a choice of your own, that makes your belief firm in life.

Just the way I can resonate with a film like Stanley, someone else might resonate with other genre of films. Believe it or not, that feeling, in some way or the other, helps you in tackling the world and your situations in your own filmy way.

Films just add on to your life, as a form of time pass for some, passion for some, and as a way of living for others. For people like us.


2 thoughts on “To be a movie buff

  1. thank you so much for writing this. only after reading this i realized movie unknowingly leave a part of itself within us. I also cried after watching stanly ka dabb. the hard work, dedication and creativity that artists put in to make such masterpiece should be acknowledged. good films should get the same amount of respect and intellectual appreciation that we give to other kind of art. great job.


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