Flashback – How it all began

Scene 1.

A two-year old visits a theatre for the very first time. She tries to make some sense out of the crowd, the people in front of her in that large life-size screen and the happiness in the eyes of her parents. She is surprised to see so many faces beaming with joy. They probably don’t even know each other,and don’t even care to know each other. Yet they are all united to enjoy the next three hours of their lives. Together.

She starts looking at the screen in front of her. There’s a boy in a black jacket. He looks friendly, but seems to be talking only to the rest of the people on that big screen.

She now looks at the people around her. She is further surprised to see that everyone is hooked on to the very same screen, smiling and cheering as if those guys over there were their friends.

Three hours pass. She comes out of the place in her mom’s lap. Her mom asks if she understood anything. She didn’t. Yet she nods saying, “Yes. I liked the guy in the black jacket.”

She decides that day that the guy in the black jacket would be her new friend. Just the way everyone else in the theatre was friends with him.

Scene 2.

The girl is now six and loves cartoons. Tom and Jerry are her best buds.

She comes back from school, switches on the television and starts shuffling channels. She stops at one channel. Not Cartoon Network this time, but a local one. She sees a familiar face. The face she grew up to like. The face of that friend of hers, wearing the same black jacket, embracing a girl in a white salwar kameez in a mustard field before breaking into a song.

She giggles as she calls her mom saying, “Mumma, ‘my friend’ is on TV again!”

Shah Rukh Khan. Her friend.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. The film.

Scene 3.

Two more years have passed and she now knows almost every single actor out there. From a cartoon-worm, she has now transformed into a filmy keeda.

It all started with her inexplicable liking for Shah Rukh Khan, who spoke about his love for the cinema in one article her dad was once reading. She then became fascinated with the idea and started watching films. Only to fall in love with them.

Scene 4.

She is now thirteen and has no real idea of what to do in life. Her board exams are coming up soon and all her relatives keep asking her of her future plans.

Is it ok to say ‘No idea’? Guess not.

She still loves movies. In fact, the love has only grown stronger. It actually gives her some much-needed relaxation from all the tension of the future.

All she likes doing is to write. Her teachers keep telling her how they feel that writing would be a good option for a person so emotional like her.

Good? Really? That would be great!

But hey. Write what?

Aimlessly, she looks at a magazine to find a beautiful article on the evolution of films, music and Shah Rukh Khan.

At that point, she stops. She suddenly knows what she really wants to do. She wants to write stories like those. The ones that would resonate with her mom as much as it would connect with her. She wants to unify those people again, who enjoyed her first movie in the theatre and their likes through stories that are real, that should come out.

Journalism, maybe?

Scene 5.

She is now 22. She still writes. She still loves movies and adores Shah Rukh Khan.

She writes and contributes to  stories that are real, that should come out. People of several age-groups relate with it too. Everything seems to have fallen in place.

Yet. Something is missing.

In a world that runs and keeps running, she is now away from her world of films. It has, in a way, taken a backseat in her life.

It was her love for films that gave her a way for her future. So she decides to come back to that world through this blog, as a tribute to the unsung, yet the most cherished hero of her life: Cinema.


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